Remote Monitoring

With secure, individual access, remote monitoring puts a powerful security tool in building managers’ hands.

Closed-circuit security cameras (CCTV) are a highly effective way to prevent and detect crime. As a result, they form a critical element of most security systems that we design for commercial and multi-residential buildings.

With the addition of remote monitoring, CCTV systems provide the benefits of on-site security personnel at a fraction of the cost.

Our CCTV service includes remote monitoring, so you can see live, high quality camera images from anywhere in the world. This is achieved via a fully secure, password protected log-in, enabling building managers to check what’s happening in real-time when an alert has been raised or an alarm triggered.

High definition pictures are recorded on a hard disk and are suitable for use as evidence in court hearings.

  • World-wide availability
  • Full HD images
  • Central monitoring