24/7 Central Monitoring Service

While our objective is to prevent unauthorised access, when a breach occurs you can rely on us for a rapid, effective response.

For the vast majority of the time, a building’s security system works without any need for personal intervention. But when something unusual occurs or there is a clear security breach, you want to be sure that the appropriate action is taken.

At Commrity, we offer 24-hour central monitoring of a variety of alarm types and events, and follow a response plan that has been tailored to your needs. The most common types of alarms we monitor include: burglary/intrusion; plant/air-conditioning; smoke; hold-up/duress; and environmental events.

In most cases, the response to an alarm will include the despatch of a patrol car and the notification of a designated person. Regular reports are also provided.

  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Building managers alerted of security breaches and patrol car sent to investigate